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Garage Door Service in Belton, MO

Garage Door Repair of Belton, MO is your neighborhood garage door service company. Our team truly enjoys being able to help out a neighbor and fix their door. We provide outstanding garage door service, repair, and installation to our community in Belton, Missouri.

How to Take Care of Your Door

Most homeowners don’t realize that you can greatly increase the life of your door by taking care of it. The average door is supposed to last up to about 20,000 cycles which equates to about 20 years or more for the average user. However, the average door only lasts about 10 years because most homeowners don’t properly maintain their door.

You can see how taking care of your door can save you money down the road. Every few months wipe out your tracks and lubricate all the moving parts of your door. Another important part of maintenance is to ensure you get a tune-up every year.

Is Your Garage Door Working Safely?

The emergency room sees over 20,000 garage door injuries every year. Most of these injuries can be traced back to a faulty opener and are easy to prevent. We can come out and provide a safety inspection every year to check some of the following:

  • Emergency release: This feature will allow you to disengage your opener and operate your door if there is a power outage or other emergency
  • Automatic Reversal System: This feature prevents entrapment because it causes your door to reverse when the sensors come into contact with anything
  • Warning labels: We will make sure labels are placed where they need to be and are still legible
  • Door: We will inspect your overall door and test it out
  • Wall mount switch: We will check that it’s mounted high enough out of the reach of children

These are just a few of the points we will inspect during your safety inspection. You don’t want to wait until an emergency to find out your safety features aren’t working.

We Can Give Your Home a New Look

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your home? A garage door is often the first thing people notice about your home. Upgrading your door is an easy way to completely change the look of your home.

We partner with several top-notch companies to provide you with a large selection of affordable, quality doors. We can help walk you through all the options to make sure you get a door that fits the style of your home and your budget. After you pick out your new door our team will do all the work for you and provide a professional installation.

Call Now for Garage Door Service in Belton

If you’re ready to schedule a safety inspection or are in need of garage door service our team can help you out. Garage Door Repair of Belton, MO is on call 24/7 for all your garage door needs. For service in Belton, Missouri give us a call today!

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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Belton please visit Garage Door Repair Belton , MO